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The idea of healthy living lies in the core of business activities of the Coffee Company “Around the World”. We have been producing high quality natural beverages for over 10 years. Our brands, such as “Zdorovie” (Health), “Bely Mishka” (White Bear), “VL”, “Zolotoy Koreshok” (Gold Rootlet), “India” earned great reputation among consumers in Russia and the CIS countries.
Products of our Company maintain leading positions in the following categories: chicory, cocoa and kissel. We use only high quality raw products, introduce new efficient approaches to business and production processes, promote healthy foods and keep strict watch on maintaining high quality standards.
The Coffee Company “Around the World” was founded in 2.000. Today it is a big holding, which includes two production companies, transportation and logistics, trade and advertising companies.
We have partnership relations with many federal and local retail chains. Our distributors work in all the largest cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. We export our products to the CIS countries and Europe.
Product range policy of our company is based on the following rules:
  • We constantly study the changing demand of final consumers (including test sales of new products).
  • We shape demand through advertising and marketing support of our products.
  • We regularly revise and improve our product range.
  • The vast majority of our products are sold under their own registered brands.
Our main products.
Chicory “Zdorovie” (Health) — #1 in Russia.
Brand “Zdorovie” gained its leading positions among instant chicory products due to its highest quality and the best production technologies. It preserves and revives Russian national traditions.
Chicory is produced in all existing forms of the product.
Instant rose hips beverage “Zdorovie” is unique and has no analogues in the world market. Dried rose hips contain large amount of Vitamin C and Carotin.
Rose hips extract completely preserves the qualities of the dried hips. The beverage also contains extract of natural berries, used in traditional medicine together with rose hips.
The Company has been producing instant coffee beverages for over 15 years and holds leading positions in the Russian market.
We have preserved the recipes and names of products, which consumers are so fond of. Our products are sold in innovative metal base package.
“Bely Mishka” (White Bear) and “Princess” brands have been on the market for over 10 years. They take leading positions among similar brands in Russia. Natural cocoa powder has delectable flavor. Metal base package with zipper preserves the product’s aroma and freshness.
Dehydrated kissels “Zdorovie” present new group of products. They are produced of fruit raw materials (concentrated juice, pieces of dry fruits and berries). Kissel “Dachny” (Villatic) is the most common product of the category.
Our kissels are produced by the latest technologies and provide customers a possibility to make traditional Russian beverage in no time in accordance with old recipes.
Natural Indian instant coffee is presented in traditional formats: powder, granulated, freeze dried, coffee with chicory.
Fruit drink is our new product.
Fruit drink is based on dry extracts of natural juices. The extracts, dissolved in cool water, produce a drink, similar to industrial juices in tetra-pack.
Vegetarian Cram has been produced by the Company for over 10 years. We have maintained permanent high quality of the product.
Our holding comprises our own transportation company, which delivers products both in Russia and Europe.
Our truck fleet has 20 vehicles with load-carrying capacity from 3 to 20 tons.

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Our traditions
  • Cichorium-520x390
    О Цикории
    Цикорий – это дикое, необычайно богатое витаминами растение. Издавна оно было в почёте у многих народов, а сейчас его нежные голубые цветы часто ошибочно принимают за сорняк.
  • Цикорий_свойства
    Чем полезен цикорий
    Известный ученый и врач средневековья Авиценна широко применял препараты из цикория при лечении ряда заболеваний, расстройствах желудочно-кишечного тракта, воспалении глаз.
  • tsikoriy-detyam
    Из истории цикория
    На Востоке бытует легенда о том, что цикорий обязан своей популярностью султану Сулейману Великолепному. Однажды он обнаружил, что дворцовая стража воровала кофе из его запасов, смешивала с цикорием и пила какой-то неведомый напиток.
  • 1-tsikorij-rastvorimyij
    Цикорий — это здоровье и борьба с лишним весом
    У нас под ногами - растение, способное помочь человеку очистить организм от шлаков и токсинов, наполнить силой и энергией. Что же за чудо такое?